Elissar Kanso is a 1982 lebanese born, french based Visual Artist, and Art Researcher. Her research in Art are deeply involved with her personal history, (childhood, war, feminism in Middle East) questionning the idea of an act of painting as being a metaphoric one "I paint to make sure not to die while being alive! My act of making Art is a metaphoric one". After four years in fine Art school in Beirut Lebanon, and many group exhibition she arrives to france in 2010 and studied Masters in Art at Bordeaux Montaigne University for two years and is enrolled as a Phd student at Pau University. She participates in many group exhibition in Italy,France, spain, Syria, Jordan and Beirut, also assisted in organizing different group exhibitions. As a freelance Graphic designer since 2004, she worked mainly with artists to design Exhibition Posters and Catalogues . Her project Casting is selected as finalist to participate in the Group exhibition Total Diagnosis organised by Boris Kostadinov, and ICI NEW YORK. It will be exhibited in 2017 at the Trafo Gallery Budapest.

ACT-ist Vision

An act-ist vision is about the act of painting. The idea of an act-ist depends on being able to engage in a process that interconnects painting, photography, digital manipulation, etc. An act of painting is a way for me to represent my world and react to him. This act is done like me through decisions, failures, and insecurities and despite all of a tenacious will to persist. Looking back, I observe its evolution and I say that these mutations are also mine. Using  photography and video makes me find the answer to the question I keep asking myself: why I continue to paint? My personal experience of using  photography and video as an associated tool to my act of painting is a kind of unexpected development.