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Lebanese born multidisciplinary artist, particularly interested in artistic collaborations, the intersection of mediums and curatorial approach of the creative process . In 2015, she launched an Ongoing Project called Casting. This project has been selected as afinalist in various international events, notably Breakfast in Beirut, Villa Giovannina, Treviso, 2016 and the Grand Prix Bernard Magrez Bordeaux 2017. In 2017, she co-founded Connectif Creative Platform and co-organized a cultural event in 2018 international (exhibition and round table) entitled Moi Nous ELLES: Identity transformations, with twenty women artists from different countries of the world. The project was supported by the Instituto Cervantes Bordeaux and Madrid, and recipient of the women’s rights week art call in Bordeaux. In 2019, the second edition Moi Nous Elles Les Nouvelles Chimères is supported by the Swiss Life foundation and La Nouvelle Aquitaine.

PHD holder in Visual Arts at the University of Pau and Pays de l'Adour, France. She is mainly interested in creation methodology and innovation in terms of research in Art and was able to deppen her interest through  communications in conferences, symposium and discussion panels. 
she exhibits regularly and internationally in France, Italy, Spain, and Lebanon. Active member of La  Maison des Artistes