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The Revenge of the Mirror People 2012-2015

The expression ‘’ Mirror People’’ is borrowed from Jean Baudrillard’ famous book, The perfect crime in which he investigates a crime: the murder of reality. Today we witness an amplification of an illusionism of images broadcast enormously by the media. In his Book, Baudrillard asked an important question: "none of this is true, and each performance is a servile image [...] which singularity was destroyed, how the people of the mirror will revolt? ".Our work consists of capturing and transforming these images of women by ensuring a re-authentication of a falsification. These images are torn away from the context of communication and are re-manipulated on Photoshop in a way to deprive them this flawed perfection to which they are subjected by the ideology of communication. Mounted on the computer screen each image is then transposed and printed on Plexiglas.